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Call us on (02) 9986 2126
Call us on (02) 9986 2126

Exterior mould removal

Tackle moss, mould, lichen and algae on any exterior surface with minimal elbow grease.

What do you mean no elbow grease?

Shower Witch

Say goodbye to soap scum and hello to sparkling surfaces.

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Move over mould!

With Wet & Forget Indoor, it's easy. Learn how Indoor can help you today.

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Wet & Forget Australia

Providers of premium interior and exterior mould removal products.

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Blog posts

  • What to do about mould removal in summer
    January 22, 2021 Wet & Forget Australia

    Mould has a new best friend… La Nina!

    You have probably heard the term ‘La Nina’ thrown around in recent weeks, and some of you have probably wondered what exactly this means for us. In the short, it means a cooler, wetter and more humid summer than usual...

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  • The Number One Question We Are Always Asked
    May 7, 2020 Wet & Forget Australia

    The Number One Question We Are Always Asked

    Here at Wet & Forget we have a great range of products to help service all your home cleaning needs. However, you may have noticed that we have 2 products that seem to do the exact same thing; Wet &...

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  • Handy hints for autumn cleaning jobs
    April 1, 2020 Wet & Forget Australia

    Handy hints for autumn cleaning jobs

    Times are crazy, and home is now the place where we are spending most of our time. We start to notice the things we previously compartmentalised; the leaning fence, the peeling paint, the broken light, the mildew in the cupboard...

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