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Window Witch 2L - Exterior Glass & Window Cleaner

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Window Witch is a ready-to-use exterior glass and window cleaner that uses a combination of smart surfactants to sheet water and product from the glass, eliminating the need for squeegeeing.

How it works

Window Witch works by using a combination of smart surfactants and citrate water softeners to dissolve grime and sheet water from the glass, leaving no water spotting or streaking behind. The effectiveness of Window Witch can be enhanced by using a microfibre pad to gently agitate grime and dirt from the surface before rinsing off with water.

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Window Witch:

  • Comes in a 2L ready-to-use bottle.
  • Has both a 'jet' and a 'fan' spray setting on the nozzle.
  • Easily connects to a standard garden hose.
  • Reaches up to 8 metres (2 storeys).
  • Automatic, pre-set dilution rate.
  • Dissolves grime and sheets water from the glass.
  • Leaves no water spotting or streaking behind.
  • Requires no squeegeeing


How to apply Window Witch

  • Attach Window Witch to a standard garden hose and turn the dial to the "ON" position. 
  • Apply the product to the window. 
  • For the best results, we recommend that you lightly agitate the glass using a microfibre pad or window brush. 
  • Turn the dial to the "WATER" position and thoroughly rinse from above the window (from top to bottom) to wash all the suds off.
  • Always rinse above the window thoroughly (as you may have overspray above the window).  This will prevent suds from running down afterwards which will lead to streaking on your window. 

For information on how to use the Window Witch nozzle, see the FAQs.


Please note:

  • Do not leave product on the surface for more than 5 minutes or allow the product to dry on the glass.
  • To achieve a streak free finish, ensure that you have rinsed all the product from the windows.
  • Do not apply to windows in direct sunlight, or in the heat of the day.
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Window Witch is for use on exterior glass only, such as:

  • Windows
  • Pool barriers
  • Glasshouses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am unable to reach my second storey windows to agitate them?

    If you are unable to reach the second storey windows with something gentle like an extendable microfibre cloth that doesn't scratch the glass, you may not get all the dirt off. If this is the case then we would recommend doing a second application with Window Witch to remove any remaining dirt.

  • I do not have an extendable microfibre cleaner, is there something else I can use?

    While we recommend using a microfibre cleaner, you can use anything that is gentle enough that it will not scratch the glass - such as a cloth, fabric, sponge cleaner, or soft broom.

  • I have lots of windows that need cleaning, will Window Witch cover them all?

    Window Witch covers up to 600sq metres on glass if used as per bottle instructions.

  • Do I have to remove my fly screens in order to use Window Witch?

    We highly recommend that you remove your fly screens to achieve the best results.

  • Do I need to squeegee after using Window Witch?

    You do not have to squeegee as after rinsing the product off with water, Window Witch will ensure the water sheets off leaving a streak-free finish.

  • I have tank water, can I still use Window Witch?

    Yes you can. However, if Window Witch is likely to enter your tank water via your guttering, you will need to disconnect your water supply for a minimum of 15mm of rain, or 3 decent downpours, to flush away any residual product.

  • When is the best time to apply Window Witch?

    Window Witch is best applied on a cool day. Do not apply Window Witch to glass that is in direct sunlight, as it will be very hot and the product will dry too quickly.

  • How do I use the Window Witch nozzle?

    The Window Witch nozzle has two settings: flat fan and jet. To change between them, view the below instructions.

    How to use the Window Witch nozzle

    Window Witch Nozzle Instructions

    Flat Fan Setting: For general application

    Remove/Rotate/Push onto Bottom Lock Notch

    Window Witch Nozzle Instructions

    Jet Setting: For distance and height

    Remove/Rotate/Push onto Bottom Lock Notch

An informative video on how to use and apply Window Witch Exterior Glass Cleaner.

See Window Witch Exterior Glass Cleaner in action with Dani and Walt on Healthy Homes Australia.


I just bought all of your products because they work so fantastically. I must tell you too that we had not cleaned our windows in 15 years since we moved into our newly built house, because we added the galvanised-steel security grill on every window and door and couldn't fit behind it to clean. You should see them now after the Window Witch! Wow! I keep staring at them.

- Simone I

I can highly recommend Window Witch, it's definitely worth every cent. My windows are so clean and it doesn’t take long with Window Witch. I have a lot of 2nd storey windows which are usually hard to keep clean, but Window Witch made the job so easy & gave us such a great result!

- Karin A

I am amazed with Window Witch! It took years of grime off my windows.

- Steve C

Wet and Forget, you have stopped all of the arguments in our household regarding streaky windows! The new product Window Witch is the best product ever, we washed our windows on the weekend with no streaks at all! First time ever!

- Amanda M
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