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Cleaning your bathroom with Shower Witch

Cleaning your bathroom with Shower Witch


Identifying soap scum in your shower, may not be as simple as you think.

Soap scum can appear as a cloudy substance on the glass, quite typically it is quite heavy on the bottom of the glass area. 

Shower Witch is the perfect solution for that build-up of soap scum in your shower, whether it's on the glass or tiles, Shower Witch will work. If the build-up is quite heavy, just apply Shower Witch a couple of times a week for the first two weeks, watch the scum disappear before your very eyes. A wipe down may help to remove that inital buildup. If the build-up is light, simply spray once a week. 

There are certain situations where there is clouding on your glass, and it may be all over the glass shower screen, this often is confused as a build-up of soap scum. However, in some cases it has been the aging of the glass, and the laminate sheeting decomposing. Shower Witch will not treat this problem. Sometimes there are streaks on the glass shower screen and this can be deposits of hard water stains. Shower Witch will not remove the hard  water stains.

Once you know you have a build-up of soap scum, Shower Witch will become your new best friend! It will save you time, save you from scrubbing, it will take the hard work out of cleaning your bathroom! You will never again put off cleaning the bathroom because Shower Witch makes it so easy and you see real results in no time at all. Simply, spray onto a wet surface area, leave overnight and lightly wipe the surface area down!  It's that easy!

You can use Shower Witch to clean your Bath, Vanity Basin and Toilet. On these surfaces you just spray on and wipe off.

Shower Witch will make your whole bathroom squeaky clean……the shower, vanity, toilet and floors, all clean! 

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