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Wet & Forget: It’s Smart Approved WaterMark!

Wet & Forget: It’s Smart Approved WaterMark!

Our flagship product, the original Wet & Forget Moss and Mould Remover Concentrate, has officially been approved by the Smart Approved WaterMark program and added to its product suite. What does this mean? It means that the Wet & Forget Concentrate is certified as a water efficient product in Australia, ensuring that users of our original Wet & Forget Concentrate can take comfort and confidence in knowing that this product is suitable for use even when water availability is lower than usual.

 So what is Smart Approved WaterMark?

It is a water efficiency certification program that was set up in 2004, during the height of the Millennium Drought. As identified by the National Water Initiative, the main objective of the program was to address the challenge of reducing residential water use through the identification and certification of water efficient technologies and services. Products that are approved are done so by a Technical Expert Panel which has been set up to independently assess the applications and services wanting to receive Smart Approved WaterMark accreditation.


For Wet & Forget Concentrate customers and users, this means you can be confident that our product will help you save water around your home, and it has been evaluated to do so by technical experts in the field! Our Wet & Forget Concentrate only needs to be used at a ratio of 1 part W&F to 5 parts water. For example, that is 1L of W&F mixed with 5L of water, or if you use the whole bottle at once, that’s 5L W&F mixed with 25L water.


And guess what? Our 5L bottle of Wet & Forget Concentrate covers a MINIMUM of 100 square metres (100sqm), which is an area of 10 metres by 10 metres (10x10). So, depending on the porosity of the surface you are applying the Wet & Forget Concentrate to, you can cover 100 square metres of an affected surface with ONLY 25 litres of water! That’s just over 2.5 standard household buckets of water. With our proven formula and a handful of water, you can treat the majority of mould affected areas around your home quickly, easily, and water-efficiently.


To learn more about our Wet & Forget 5L Concentrate and how it can help you with moss and mould removal around your home, click here.

To learn more about Smart Approved WaterMark and other certified water efficient products they have approved for use around your home and garden, visit this link:

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