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Window Witch – The invisible liquid squeegee

Window Witch – The invisible liquid squeegee

From time to time, all parts of the house will need some attention, and this includes your exterior windows. As much as cleaning them may not be your favourite job, it’s undeniable that clean windows just make the whole house look cleaner also. In the other hand, exterior glass begging for a wash can turn your amazing looking property into something not as attractive. And this is not to mention about getting your view blocked! In fact, how many times do you actually look at those windows thinking you really need to get them cleaned properly soon? And then right after that you probably think… yeah, nah…. too much effort for something that is not going to last anyway hey? Even one drop of rain with a bit of wind could be enough to start ruining all the work you’ve done. Well, we can’t control mother nature and the way our properties get affected by its elements. We can however make your cleaning task a lot easier with Window Witch. With its ready-to-use hose end bottle, all you need to do is to click it onto your standard garden hose and follow these 3 simple steps:


Once the hose is connected, turn the nozzle to the position you need. The FAN setting gives you a more even coverage when you don’t need to reach heights or longer distances. The JET setting will give a nice stream flow of up to 8 meters so you can reach those second storey glass from the ground with ease. When you’re all set, adjust the black dial to the WATER position and turn your tap on slowly in order to get the pressure you need (on this position only water will be passing through the bottle with no product being mixed). Now turn the dial all the way to the ON position and start applying to your first window.


Once you have finished applying, agitate the glass with a microfibre pad or a soft broom. You don’t need to scrub, just lightly agitate to help dislodge the dirt & grime easier.



When you’re done with that, turn the black dial back to the WATER position and rinse it off. Make sure you work from the top of the glass to the bottom, so you don’t leave any soap residue. Now let it dry and get ready for a streak-free finish. No need to squeegee!

NOTE: Repeat the process one window at a time to make sure you don’t let the product dry on the glass.

When applied as per these instructions, Window Witch will cover up to 600sq meters of glass. This is a lot of windows! Ah, and you don’t need to use it all at once since it has unlimited shelf life. Keep what is left for your next application and keep your view clean with Window Witch!

Find out more about the Window Witch here.

Watch a demonstration on Healthy Homes Australia TV show.

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