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Wet & Forget on TV with Graham Ross

Wet & Forget on TV with Graham Ross

Wet & Forget has had a long and successful association with Graham Ross and the Garden Clinic. We were very excited to see Wet & Forget showcased by Graham Ross in his new TV program Great Gardens of the World. In the show Graham shared some of the most beautiful gardens he has had the privilege and pleasure of visiting throughout the world including Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg.

He also shared his tips for cleaning up mossy paths!

So if you want to clean up your path like Graham, watch the video below.


All you need to do is:

1) Dilute Wet & Forget into a garden sprayer

2) Spray the diluted Wet & Forget on to the surface

3) Make sure you throughly saturate the surface

4) Leave and the weather will do the rest

5) Over time the surface will come clean

6) Its that easy!


Customer Testimonial:

Morning Graham.....

Im just letting you know I think that WET AND FORGET IS JUST PLAIN FABOULOUS :)))))))))))))))))) I moved into my mothers home a year after she died and the blinds outside were literally black with moss and mould ......but now everyone is commenting on how good they look funny there was a line where the good finished and bad started now you can hardly see it ive just given them another go a week ago so im guessing now after that last go the next few months there will be no difference at all on the blind which look so nice already...thankyou for talking so much about this great product and I would recommend it to everyone :)   Rhonda P


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