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Treating Mould: Indoor vs Outdoor

Treating Mould: Indoor vs Outdoor

Mould indoor, mould outdoor... This has definitely been one of the most humid years in a long while. In fact, so far Sydney recorded its wettest start to a year on record ever! In Australia as a whole, May 2022 rainfall was 40% above the 1961–1990 average. This means a lot of water coming down and if in a way this can be positive for nature and other aspects, this level of moisture in the air can also bring some unwanted consequences like the fast growing of MOULD and MILDEW on both, indoors and outdoors.

Outside of your home mould will grow onto pretty much any surface, driveways, roofs, tennis courts, paths, painted walls… Inside, mould and mildew can be found on timber furniture, door frames, bathroom tiles, shoes, handbags, painted walls and ceilings, windows and windowsills and more. But how can we actually fight these things and avoid them to grow and regrow after time?

Some basic tactics like inspecting your home regularly, keeping places ventilated and fixing leaks to control moisture will definitely help. However, using the correct mould removal product to each area of the house is a key factor, so let’s get to learn more about them:


Wet & Forget Indoor is a ready-to-use, bleach-free solution that kills odour-causing bacteria and helps inhibit the regrowth of mould and mildew on indoor areas. It cleans, deodorises, and sanitises all in one step and it’s the easiest way to curb indoor mould and mildew.

Key facts: 

  • It’s bleach free! 
  • Comes in a 2L ready-to-use bottle 
  • Cleans, deodorises and sanitises all in one 
  • Kills odour-causing bacteria and inhibits regrowth of mould and mildew 
  • Requires no scrubbing 
  • No strong or irritating fumes

You can use it on areas like:

  • Door frames 
  • Bathroom tiles 
  • Timber furniture 
  • Inside cupboards 
  • Painted walls and ceilings 
  • Windows and windowsills 
  • Leather shoes and handbags 


The original Wet & Forget concentrate is the ultimate outdoor moss, mould, lichen and algae remover that is safe to use on any exterior surface. It’s unique bleach-free formula kills problem spores and helps to stop premature regrowth. When diluted with water and applied to a dry surface, it immediately attacks the growth and helps to loosen it so Mother Nature can take over and do the rest of the job. The weathering process from the rain gently removes the decomposing moss, mould, lichen and algae over time without damaging the surface. 

Key Facts: 

  • Non-caustic, non-acidic and bleach free! 
  • Requires no scrubbing or water blasting 
  • Is biodegradable and has a pH of 8 (water has a pH of 7)  
  • 5L bottle makes 30L of product and covers a minimum of 100sq 
  • Has an unlimited shelf life either concentrate or diluted 
  • Kills problem spores at the source and helps prevent premature regrowth 

You use it on any exterior surface including:

  • Driveways 
  • Roofs 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Paths 
  • Painted walls 
  • Swimming pools 

You might also want to consider Rapid Application moss and mould remover. The same product but on a ready-to-use hose end version.

Also learn more about the best strategies for outdoor mould removal and prevention.


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