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Winter: the era of indoor mould and mildew

Winter: the era of indoor mould and mildew

Winter is a time for wet weather and heaters turn up high indoors. This makes for a nice warm, damp hang-out that mould and mildew spores love. But why worry about mould and mildew?

The reason to worry is that these spores can result in adverse health effects such as runny noses, congestion, and hay-fever like symptoms. For people with asthma, this is particularly dangerous! These hazardous effects make removing mould and mildew from your home an essential task, however the problem with traditional bleach-based products is that bleaching the spores doesn’t actually kill them – only a product with an anti-mould agent will do the trick, which is where Wet & Forget Indoor is perfect!

Wet & Forget Indoor is a bleach-free mould and mildew remover that kills the spores as well as cleans, deodorises and sanitises the treated surface. It also helps to inhibit regrowth of mould in the treated areas and can be used as a general home cleaner. No bleach and no harsh chemicals means that Wet & Forget Indoor is great for almost every surface in the home. Where can I find mould in my home? Mould and mildew are likely to set up shop in the more moist parts of your home, such as:

  • Bathrooms: such as the ceiling, behind the toilet, behind the sink, the backs of cupboards.
  • Laundries: such as the ceiling, behind the washing machine, behind the sink, the backs of cupboards.
  • Kitchens: such as behind the sink, the backs of cupboards, around the bin, in the pantry.
  • Basements: such as in corners of the room, amongst boxes and stored furniture that are not regularly moved or exposed to sun.
  • Ceilings of rooms with poor ventilation.
  • Behind curtains or on window frames.

The first sign of mould and mildew is often the distinct, musty odour which indicates that it is time to eliminate the problem. But how can you prevent it in the first place?

  • Always leave the washing machine door (front loader) or lid (top loader) open after each use to prevent mould building up in the gasket or rubber seal area.
  • Watch for mould building up on hard surfaces such as windows, door frames, ceilings and walls caused my condensation forming.
  • Check behind your curtains and furniture as it can hide there as well. Condensation forms when steam settles on a cold surface, so wipe away any condensation that has settled on those surfaces.
  • Ventilation is vital, so leave the windows open a little in the laundry when using your dryer, when you are showering and also when cooking up a storm (just think of all the steam when cooking pasta!) Better still to use any extraction devices you have to remove steam where possible.
  • Clean your kitchen bin with Wet & Forget Indoor to remove any mould and mildew that can form – it will also sanitise the bin too!
  • Dry out damp areas, especially basements. o Keep humidity under control the best you can.

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