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Customer questions about Wet & Forget

Customer questions about Wet & Forget

Timber Deck

Timber decks are one of the most common areas to develop mould, especially black mould! Wet & Forget has been successfully applied to timber decks to treat any type of biological growth. Two weeks after the initial spray, give the deck a good sweep with a stiff bristled broom to help dislodge the dead growth and help the decomposing process.

Applying with a watering can?

We do not recommend applying Wet & Forget with a watering can, it is a very wasteful and costly way of applying the product. It is far more effective to apply with a basic pump action garden sprayer, the product will go much further and a more even coverage achieved.  Covering a larger surface area and hence value for money!

Can I paint over the surface or seal the surface area after applying Wet & Forget?

Once Wet & Forget is applied to any exterior surface area, you must wait for the growth (moss, mould, algae or lichen) to fully decompose before you paint or seal over the surface area. If you can't wait the specific time frames you can pressure clean the dead growth off the surface area, 3-4 weeks after the initial spray.

Is it easy to apply, do I need any special equipment?

Wet & Forget is very easy to use, simply dilute 1:5 (1 part Wet & Forget to 5 parts water) into a basic pump action garden sprayer and away you go!

Will it make the surface slippery?

Wet & Forget will not make your driveway slippery, in fact, it will eliminate the slipperiness created by moss and algae fairly quickly. Therefore, eliminating some very nasty falls!!

My driveway is dirty! Will it remove the dirt?

Wet & Forget is used to treat any biological growth such as moss, mould, algae and lichen. It will not remove dirt, however, most people mistake black mould for dirt. The general rule of thumb is, if you can't sweep the dirt off, it is more than likely black mould.

Will it discolour my coloured stencilled driveway?

Wet & Forget does not contain any bleach or acid and will not discolour any outdoor surface area, including, coloured stencilled driveways.

Will it damage or cause my gutters to rust?

Wet & Forget does not contain any bleach, acid or corrosive chemicals and therefore, it will not damage or cause gutters to rust.

Do I wash the surface area, after applying Wet & Forget?

Absolutely not! Do not wash the surface area at all, in fact, there should be no rain or watering or hosing of the surface area for 12 hours after applying.

Do I need to wear gloves or protective gear?

Here at Wet & Forget we always promote safety first. Wet & Forget does not contain any, bleach or acid. However, it is a chemical based product, and therefore, we always err on the side of caution and recommend wearing protective clothing and eye protection.

Will it treat oil stains or rust stains?

No it will not remove oil or rust stains. Wet & Forget is used to treat any biological growth, that is, moss, mould, algae and lichen.

Can I apply Wet & Forget to the underside of my outdoor pergola?

Yes, Wet & Forget can be applied to the underside of an outdoor pergola, verandah or awning. However, because it is not exposed to the weathering, it will take longer for the mould to decompose. A light hose once a month will help speed up the process.

Can I apply Wet & Forget to my outdoor shade sail?

Yes, Wet & Forget can be applied to an outdoor shade sail, in fact, Wet & Forget can be applied to any outdoor surface area whatsoever! We recommend doing a patch test on canvas and shade sails as it may break down the waterproofing compound, depending on the quality and age of the canvas or shade sail. Same simple application on all outdoor surface areas.

Will it damage my plants?

Wet & Forget is okay to use around plants provided certain protective steps are taken. When spraying the product near plants, make sure to either cover them with a tarpaulin (or something similar) or alternatively, wash the plants down with water before and after applying the product nearby. The leaves of the plant may experience a slight discolouration or spot burn if they come into contact with the product for an extended period.

Lichen on Trees

Wet & Forget can be applied to lichen on trees, the dilution rate is 1:7 (1 part Wet & Forget to 5 parts water), it must be applied when the tree is dormant (Winter).

Is it safe around my pets?

When spraying your outdoor areas, make sure you keep pets off the surface area whilst the area is wet. Once the Wet & Forget has completely dried, it is safe for pets to walk on the surface area. If your pet accidently walks or sits in the product, immediately wash off the product with fresh water so they do not ingest the Wet & Forget.

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