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Indoor mould facts and solutions

Indoor mould facts and solutions

What Is Mould?

Mould is a fungal growth. There are many different types of mould and mould growth can be different colours. Black, grey and green are the most common colours. Mould can also have a fuzzy or slimy texture and a musty smell.

Mould Likes, Damp Dark And Moist Conditions

Mould spores are airborne, therefore, they search for a good place to grow like moist, damp areas with little or no sunlight and they then reproduce.

Mould Can Grow Almost Anywhere

It grows in homes under the right conditions of dampness, darkness and poor ventilation. Lack of ventilation can cause indoor condensation, which can be the main source of moisture for the growth of mould. Walls, timber, carpet, furniture and fabrics can harbor mould if they stay damp for extended periods of time. Fungus can actually start to digest the surface it is growing on.  If untreated it can damage the effected surface leading to costly repairs!!

Mould And Your Health

It has been noted by various health authorities that too much mould exposure has been linked to health problems ranging from worsening asthma symptoms, allergy symptoms to respiratory infections. Prevent mould growth for better health!


Indoor Mould Solutions

Control Condensation

Ventilation, heating, insulation and removal!


Open windows and doors to ventilate the home and reduce the humidity level. Exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas are vital to eliminate the build-up of moisture from everyday activities such as cooking, showering and drying clothes in a dryer.


Keep indoor humidity low, ideally 30%-50%.  Mould needs plenty of moisture to grow, low humidity will minimise mould growth. Maintain low constant heat when weather is cold or wet. Install heating in the bathroom such as heat globes.


Water condensation forms easily on cold surfaces like interior walls and ceilings, an invitation for mould growth! In many cases those surfaces can be made less cold, therefore, less condensation by simply improving insulation.


Do not brush the area, this could spread the mould further by releasing the spores into the air.

Do not bleach, it does not kill the mould spores. It simply bleaches it, so it looks like it has disappeared!

The only permanent control or prevention of mould is to remove the source of dampness/moisture!!


Eradicate mould when it occurs by using Wet & Forget Indoor - just spray, leave for 10mins and wipe away! Repeat at first sign of regrowth.

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