When spraying your outdoor areas, make sure you keep pets off the surface area whilst the area is wet.  Once the Wet & Forget has completely dried, it is safe for pets to walk on the surface area.  If your pet accidentally walks or sits in the product, immediately wash off the product with fresh water so they do not ingest the Wet & Forget.


Wet & Forget is non-systemic, therefore, if there is run off into the garden beds of plants it will not be absorbed into the root system and will not damage the plants at all.

Wet & Forget won't affect plants unless you accidentally spray directly onto them which can cause spot burning of the leaves.  Cover plants or hose them with fresh water before and after applying the Wet & Forget to avoid this.


Did you know Wet & Forget can be used in your lawn to kill the moss!

Firstly, lightly water the lawn but do not saturate it.  Do this late in the day when the sun is low so that evaporation is kept to a minimum.  Dilution rate is 1 part Wet & Forget to 7 parts water, spot spray the moss.  You may have to give it a couple of goes until you have it under control.  At worst you may get slight burning on the grass, however, it will recover quickly.  Winter is the best time to treat your moss as the lawn is dormant and there is very little sun.  Once the moss is dead and decomposed, give your lawn a good fertilise ready for new growth.


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