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Is your pool ready for summer?

Is your pool ready for summer?

Wet & Forget is what you need to get rid of mould around your pool!

Wet & Forget will treat any biological growth. That is: moss, mould, algae and lichen. The unsightly green or black growth that is often found around the pool is easy to treat. Simply dilute the Wet & Forget into a pump action garden sprayer, spray the dry surface area to the point of saturation, make sure there is no rain for 12 hours and allow the weathering to do the rest!

For lichen growth, saturate the area with diluted Wet & Forget, wait 15 minutes, then saturate the area a second time. This allows Wet & Forget to breakdown the top layer and penetrate right through the lichen. Green moss and algae growth will take a couple of weeks to fully decompose. Black mould will take a good 4-6 months to fully decompose. Lichen growth will take 9-12 months to fully decompose. Wet & Forget is suitable for all types of pool surrounds that are covered in mould, moss, algae or lichen such as concrete, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, sandstone, pavers, timber, brick and painted surface areas.

Because Wet & Forget is nearly PH neutral, any overspray will not change your pool's PH. Don't forget the poolside furniture that may be covered in black mould or slimy green algae! Suitable to apply on all types of outdoor furniture, plastic, timber, stone/concrete, wrought iron and aluminium. Have your outdoor cushions, plastic pool lounges and pool noodles gone mouldy? Simply Wet & Forget them, make sure you thoroughly rinse all the residual off prior to using them in or out of the pool.

Save time scrubbing and spend more time swimming!

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