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Call us on (02) 9986 2126
The Number One Question We Are Always Asked

The Number One Question We Are Always Asked

Here at Wet & Forget we have a great range of products to help service all your home cleaning needs. However, you may have noticed that we have 2 products that seem to do the exact same thing; Wet & Forget 5L Concentrate and Rapid Application 2L Hose-End. You would be right, they do both kill and remove moss, mould, lichen and algae – and that has probably got you thinking to yourself

“Can I use my Wet & Forget 5L in my Rapid Application bottle?”

This is the question we hear on the phone often and the answer we must give is “No, you can’t!”These products are not interchangeable! There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. They are different concentrations of the active ingredient
    • This means that Wet & Forget 5L needs to be diluted at a different rate to the Rapid Application.
    1. The Rapid Application bottle has a pre-set, unchangeable dilution rate
      • Because these two products need to be diluted at a different rate, if you were to put Wet & Forget 5L into the Rapid Application bottle, it would be applied at the wrong dilution rate and would not work!

      Rapid Application does the same job, takes the same amount of time to work and covers the same area (minimum of 100sqm!) as the Wet & Forget 5L does. The reason that it comes in a 2L instead of a 5L is to make it easier for you! It is nice and light to carry and its quick and easy to set up and apply.

      Learn more about whether Rapid Application or the Wet & Forget 5L is better for you by visiting our other blog, “Wet & Forget or Rapid Application?” HERE.

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