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Handy hints for autumn cleaning jobs

Handy hints for autumn cleaning jobs

Times are crazy, and home is now the place where we are spending most of our time. We start to notice the things we previously compartmentalised; the leaning fence, the peeling paint, the broken light, the mildew in the cupboard and most glaringly, the mould and other growth that has popped up outside. When did that happen? There is algae on the driveway, moss on the side path, the roof tiles have lichen and there’s definitely SOMETHING on the patio pavers that looks like dirt but won’t seem to budge. 

Now that we are coming into Autumn with its shorter days, less sunlight and more rain, biological growth like moss, mould, lichen and algae can get the jump on you before you know it. With these growths preferring damper areas without direct sunlight, Autumn unfortunately brings the perfect conditions.

Luckily there is a silver lining, as now that we’re at home we actually have a bit of time to tackle these tasks head on! Now is the perfect time to remove biological growth before it gets worse. Read on for a list of our Autumn-time tips for clearing up pesky growth using Wet & Forget 5L Concentrate Moss and Mould Remover and Rapid Application 2L Hose-End Moss and Mould Remover!

Our Handy Autumn Hints

1. Mould can grow on any exterior surface like timber fences, concrete drives and paths, brick walls, pavers, around the pool or even on your planter pots. Luckily, both Wet & Forget and Rapid Application are gentle, bleach-free and non-caustic products and can therefore be used to treat unsightly growth wherever it appears without damaging the surface underneath. Just spray the area with Wet & Forget or Rapid Application and watch it disappear over time.

Before and After Photo of treating mould on pool pavers
2. Steps around your entrance can become slippery with algae, especially if the area is shaded. This can also be true of any overly shaded areas such as side pathways, driveways and courtyards or patios. To avoid any potential slips and falls, use Wet & Forget or Rapid Application to remove the growth.

Images of slippery areas around the home

3. It can also be good to start moving your pot plants into some new, sunnier spots to let them soak up the rays! Doing this can sometimes uncover growth that has been building up on the surface underneath them. Try a spot treatment of the area with Wet & Forget to bring the surface back up to scratch. Don’t forget about your statues, sculptures, gnomes and other garden décor – if they’re looking a little sad and green Wet & Forget can take care of them!

Before and After Photos of a treated garden statue
4. It can also be worth making a trip to your family grave stones for an Autumn clean up. Treating grave stones with Wet & Forget now is the perfect time to see beautiful, pristine grave stones in time for Summer.

Before and After Photos of a treated grave stone
5. We are often asked about cleaning outside awnings that don’t get much sun. The solution is Rapid Application, our new hose-end moss and mould remover. Rapid Application does the same job as Wet & Forget however it is more convenient to apply as it connects straight onto a standard garden hose. There's no need for climbing up on ladders anymore or mixing it into a garden sprayer - all the action happens in the bottle! Try Rapid Application for treating your roof, driveway, or any other large or hard to reach areas.

Before and After Photos of treated canvas awning
6. Clean up your entertaining area ready for Spring. Apply Wet & Forget or Rapid Application now so that while you are hibernating inside over the cooler Autumn and Winter days, Wet & Forget will be going to work removing all that biological build-up ready for Spring!

Before and After Photos of a treated patio area
7. Trim back overhanging foliage from your path or patio to allow the light in. By doing this it will help prevent mould build-up on those hard surfaces.

And don’t forget: Wet & Forget or Rapid Application can be used as preventative measures over the Winter months as well. Just let Wet & Forget do the work for you, and your home will be ready for Spring!

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