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What to do about mould removal in summer

Mould has a new best friend… La Nina!

You have probably heard the term ‘La Nina’ thrown around in recent weeks, and some of you have probably wondered what exactly this means for us. In the short, it means a cooler, wetter and more humid summer than usual – which you may have already noticed! And a cool (but not cold!), wet and humid environment, whilst maybe not loved by all of us, is loved very much by something else…mould! You might be thinking, “Mould? In summer? No way!” and the answer to that is “Yes, way!”.

What to do about removing mould in summer

When we get mould in winter, its often due to a couple of things. Firstly, as we all know, the winter days are shorter. This means less sunlight over less hours. The sun in winter is also less intense than our summer sun, which is why both outdoor and indoor areas can remain damp during those winter months. Low-intensity sun (as much as it can be in Australia) over less hours means that areas which get wet or at least damp such as side pathways, driveways, patios, roofs, decks, walls, and other areas prone to shade will never really dry until the summer sun comes back. Winter is also colder, so we will often turn on our heaters and stoke our fireplaces in order to keep the house warm. Adding heat to moisture creates humidity, which is the presence of water vapor in the air. So shorter days with weaker sun creates damper conditions in outdoor areas and turning up the heat indoors increases humidity inside too – which is why mould can be seen growing outside as well as inside!

Why winter is great for mould

Control the Mould!

Mould spores require three things to grow and thrive: warmth, moisture, and humidity! Three things that they get in our Australian winter conditions. We know this happens in winter…but surely summer is too hot, right? Normally, yes. In our typical Aussie summer conditions - which are bone dry and pushing the mercury north - mould struggles. But this year, with the La Nina, temperatures are slightly lower (but by no means cold) and moisture is higher due to above average rainfall – which means nice warm, wet and humid conditions which are absolutely great for mould.

So, what do you do when you notice mould around your house over the summer months? To start, you’ll need a good mould remover. If the mould at your place is growing outdoors on surfaces such as your deck, driveway, patio, wall, fence, roof or steps then you can use Wet & Forget Exterior Moss and Mould Remover to target outdoor growth including not only mould, but other biological growth like moss, lichen and algae. If the mould is growing indoors on surfaces such as painted walls, windowsills, ceilings, bathroom tiles, sinks, bins or showers then you can use Wet & Forget Indoor Mould and Mildew Remover to remove mould and mildew as well as other germs and bacteria around your home.

Wet & Forget Indoor and Outdoor Mould Removal Products

Mould Removal Products

For more information on exterior mould removal, visit the product page for Wet & Forget Concentrate.

For more information on interior mould removal, visit the product page for Wet & Forget Indoor.

Here at Wet & Forget we are known for our mould removal products which have been tried, tested, and trusted by Australians across the country for over 15 years. We know our products can help you to remove mould almost anywhere in and around your home quickly, easily, and effectively. For questions about our products and how we can help you, visit our Contact Page.

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