Did you know these interesting facts about Wet & Forget? 

  • Wet & Forget contains no bleach, acid or harmful chemicals and is biodegradable
  • Wet & Forget kills lichen. For best results, spot spray the lichen clumps, leave 10-15 minutes and then respray the entire surface.
  • If there is run off into garden beds it won't damage the plants as Wet & Forget is non systemic
  • Overspray onto delicate plants may spot burn leaves, to avoid this, cover plants before spraying
  • Wet & Forget has unlimited shelf life
  • Wet & Forget is safe on any exterior surface


About Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget has been available in Australia for 15 years and in NZ for well over 30 years.

Unlike most products, Wet & Forget actually kills the mould spores and over time the growth will decompose and your surface area will be clean! 

It's simply to use, just dilute into a pump sprayer, spray onto the dry surface, to the point of saturation. 

No rain for 6 hours and the weathering will do the rest.  It's that easy!

Black mould will take 4-6 months to decompose and green growth up to 2 weeks.

Wet & Forget has a residual to help stop premature re-growth.

Whether your path is slippery from green growth or just covered in unsightly black mould, Wet & Forget will remove it!

Wet & Forget can be used on any outdoor surface area, here are some examples:

  •  Painted surfaces, timber, concrete, sandstone
  •  Canvas awnings
  •  Polycarbonate roofs
  •  Roof tiles, terracotta, slate, concrete, and more
  •  Outdoor furniture, plastic, wood, wrought iron and stone
  •  Pavers, bricks, pool surrounds
  •  Driveways
  •  Eaves, down pipes, gutters
  •  Caravans
  •  Tents
  •  Fibreglass
  •  Aluminium/Stainless steel


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