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Alternative Uses for Shower Witch

Alternative Uses for Shower Witch

Did you know there are many more uses for Shower Witch, it's not just for cleaning your shower and bathroom!

Shower Witch is one of our absolute best sellers. Many of our customers thank us for such an amazing, easy to use product, that actually works!!  Whether you are treating soap scum or the build-up of general grime in your shower recess, Shower Witch makes it easy every single time! Some of our savvy customers have told us they have discovered alternative uses for Shower Witch, so we decided to share them with you.

Listed below are the most common alternative uses for Shower Witch.

  1. Use it as a pre-wash spray on your clothes
  2. Use on the metal rims on your car tyres.
  3. Use it on your venetian blinds.
  4. Use it to clean the build-up of grease on top of your kitchen cupboards or fridge.
  5. Use it to keep your stainless steel sinks in the kitchen and laundry super clean.
  6. The stainless steel exterior of your BBQ.
  7. Use it as a spray and wipe on most surfaces.
  8. Cleaning the washing machine centre column, the build-up of grime.
  9. Oil stains on your pavers that overspill from the BBQ.
  10. Clean your jewellery.
  11. The dishwasher too! To remove the build-up of grime and grease.


Customer Testimonials

Washing Machine Use:  Found another use for Shower Witch. I have a new fangled washing machine with a centre column that filled with immovable gunk. Three overnights with Shower Witch and its almost like new. Hurrah! 

BBQ Cleaning:  I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday. Remembered your ad about Shower Witch around the barbeque. Used it on top of the pantry where it was all greasy, FANTASTIC 5 minutes wiped it off , then I got enthused and used it on the range hood, unbelievable results. Sprayed on stainless steel benchtop wiped off, wiped over with soapy water and polished with a stainless cloth. Grimy walls no problem. Add that to your list of uses for Shower Witch. Cheers, Shayne

Kitchen Grease:  It is el supremo at dissolving kitchen grease. Even stuff it just gets bogged down in, gets dissolved in an instant. I was amazed at even on walls a light spray and wipe with a handy towel already damp with shower witch did the trick. We had some baskets that sit on top of the pantry ( for recipe books) that were pretty grimy, so I took them outside to them a good soaking. After a 10 min hose off , they were like new. I'm amazed. Cheers, Sam

Venetian Blinds: Well guys you are going to love this. I have found a new use for Shower Witch, the worst job in the world...venetian blinds, I have the plastic ones. After doing half the job and wishing I had never started I thought there had to be an easier way. So thought I would try Shower Witch. I couldn't believe my eyes the grime was disappearing before my eyes. I hosed them first then sprayed them and hung them in the shade for 1/2 hour, then hosed them again ...well my god! They came up cleaner than the ones I did with a scourer!! Unbelievable. You need to market the same stuff but as a venetian blind cleaner. Thanks Guys. Hope this tip is useful. Avon


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