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Shower Witch or Indoor?

Shower Witch or Indoor?

Do you need Shower Witch or Wet & Forget Indoor to clean your shower and bathroom? Are you unsure which one to use?

Listed below are the main differences between Shower Witch and Wet & Forget Indoor.


Shower Witch = Soap Scum

Soap Scum in your Shower or Bathroom!

Spray onto a wet shower, leave 12 hours or until next showering and wipe off the scum before your very eyes!

It's that simple! Don't forget, Shower Witch can be used as a general cleaner, just spray on then wipe off on all your bathroom surfaces.  Spray away the build-up of soap scum that can quite often be found on your vanity sink and bathtub, drains and taps too!!

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Wet & Forget Indoor = Mould

Mould in your Bathroom or Shower!

Simply spray onto a hard non-porous surface area, leave 10 minutes and wipe it off!! It's that easy!

Wet & Forget Indoor is used to kill toxic mould spores.  Suitable for use in the bathroom and any other hard non-porous surface area inside the house.  Wet & Forget Indoor is also a general sanitiser and deodoriser, perfect for cleaning the basin, toilet and vanity bench top.  Even though bathrooms are clean there is a lot of bacteria lurking around especially on door handles and door knobs, sanitise on a regular basis with Wet & Forget Indoor. Ceiling mould, apply, leave 10 Mins and wipe it off. Please note in some situations it may not totally remove the black stain.

Cleans, deodorises and disinfects all in one!!

If you have both mould and soap scum in your shower or bathroom you can use both Shower Witch and Wet & Forget Indoor to solve all your cleaning needs.  Best of all, all our products are bleach free. In fact they smell good!!

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