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Customer Product Tips and Recommendations

Customer Product Tips and Recommendations

We have compiled a list of the best customer tips that have been sent to us for both Shower Witch and Wet & Forget!

Let us know if you have any more to add to the list!

Shower Witch

Pre-Wash Stain Remover For Clothes

Simply, spray the stain and wash in your normal wash (not recommended for delicate fabrics). Some customer have used it to remove food stains on chef uniforms and stained collars on business shirts!

Metal Rims On Your Tyres

Do your tyre rims get black?  Simply spray the metal rims only, watch the grease dissolve, with a simple wipe/wash down with soapy water, the rims are sparkling clean once again!

Venetian Blinds & Shutters

To clean the venetian blinds either, spray and wipe the Shower Witch on the surface, alternatively, spray a cloth or paper towel with Shower Witch and wipe the surface down. If there is a build-up of sticky grime, a second wipe down may be necessary.

Grease Build-Up On Your Kitchen Cupboards

Quite often we cook and cook and cook without realising the build-up of all the cooking fumes end up creating a very thick, sticky film on top of the kitchen cupboards and on top of the fridge. This is where Shower Witch can help! Simply spray, and leave for a few minutes, then wipe it off. If the build-up is very thick, repeat the process for a second time. You will be amazed at how quick, easy and clean the surface will be!

Filters In Your Exhaust Fans

The filters in your exhaust fans above the stove or BBQ are always overlooked. How often do you look up and see the yellow orange muck only to ignore it because it's too hard and too big a job! Our customer feedback is that it's easy with Shower Witch! Take the filters out, place them in a deep sink, laundry sink is often the best place. Spray with Shower Witch, leave for a couple of hours or so and then scrub them in warm soapy water. If the build-up is extreme , repeat the process until it comes clean. Alternatively, instead of scrubbing in warm soapy water, pop them in the dishwasher!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel surfaces can be a real pain to clean! Not with Shower Witch!

Use it to keep your stainless steel benchtops and sinks super clean, just spray and wipe.  Stainless Steel BBQ hoods also become very dirty from cooking and general outdoor climatic conditions, just spray and wipe! 

Fly Screens

Another customer says her fly screens are no longer a job she puts off doing!

Take the flyscreen off, spray some Shower Witch onto a cloth and wipe the flyscreen with the cloth then wash off! Yes, it's that simply to do!

General Purpose Spray And Wipe

Our customers that have a very busy life, with children and pets running around the house, opening and closing doors, playing inside and outside the house. There are often sticky, dirty little fingers touching the doors, bench tops and cupboards doors. Just spray those dirty marks on the walls, doors, cupboards and bench tops with Shower Witch, wipe off and watch the surface come clean before your very eyes!  Shower Witch is perfect to use as an everyday spray and wipe on most surface areas throughout the house. 

Jewellery Cleaner

"I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true, Shower Witch is the best jewellery cleaner, ever!!" 

This was a message we received from a regular customer, she was using Shower Witch to do her usual shower and bathroom cleaning and realised when she finished the jewellery she was wearing was sparkling clean. She then decided to clean her jewellery with Shower Witch! Soak jewellery in a small dish filled with Shower Witch for 10 minutes, give it a light scrub with a toothbrush and wow, so sparkly clean! (only use on metal jewellery, do not use on pearls)

Dishwasher & Washing Machine

We have all seen the build-up of scum in our dishwasher and washing machine! Simply, spray the inside of the dishwasher and/or washing machine with Shower Witch, (make sure the dishwasher and washing machine is empty). Leave it overnight and then put the dishwasher and washing machine on a hot wash cycle. So easy, so clean! 


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Wet & Forget

 Smelly Sneakers/Running Shoes

Simply dilute half a cup of Wet & Forget concentrate + 2 tablespoons of baking soda into a bucket of warm water. Completely submerge your sneakers/running shoes into the bucket of water, leave overnight (24hours), thoroughly rinse and dry them ready to wear. The Wet & Forget will kill the bacteria in your running shoes that is causing your sneakers to smell! (Some poor quality glues may come off).


Lightly mist the back of the curtains (plastic backed curtains only) with Wet & Forget before they get mouldy at the start of Winter. If they are already mouldy it won't get rid of the mould, however, it will kill the spores. Always do a test area to ensure that the curtain is dye fast.


Did you know bacteria breeds on wet towels! We also pass on bacteria through using the same hand towels or bath towels! The best way to sanitise your towels is to put 2 capfuls of Wet & Forget concentrate in with the towels on the initial wash, when you are washing them.  Not only will they smell nice, the Wet & Forget will kill the bacteria, therefore, sterilising them ready to use! 

Smelly Drains

Do you have smelly drains? Most often smelly vanity, shower, bath and floor drains have a build-up of soap scum, body fats and bacterial growth that cause the drain to have an offensive smell! Simply pour or spray some diluted Wet & Forget (1:5) down the drains, leave for an hour or more and then rinse with hot water. The scum and grime will be cleaned up, more importantly the bacteria will be killed! If you have a sceptic system Wet & Forget is not suitable because it will kill the bacteria.

Washing Machine

Spray diluted Wet & Forget into the drum, agitator and filter of an empty washing machine, leave overnight and then turn the washing machine on a hot wash cycle. The build-up of scum and dirt will be washed away!

Car Windscreen Wash

Simply place 50mls in windscreen washer bottle. Then use the windscreen washer, or if bad webbing is evident, squirt some Wet & Forget directly onto the windscreen.

Lichen On Trees

Dilute the Wet & Forget 1 to 7. Only spray in Autumn or Winter when the trees are dormant.  Be aware that certain species of lichen will die on the surface and not change colour, so they need to be brushed off (avoid any overspray on the leaves, as they will spot burn).


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